Rates & Availability


Below is a breakdown of the room types available and the price for each room. 


We have ample on site parking and unlike some hotel's that charge ours is free for all residents.There is also FREE Wi Fi available in most of the rooms and bars


Should you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us on any of the details provided in coloumn on the left hand side of this page. Don't forget to ask us about special conditions when booking.

Please Note we have a three day cancellation policy


Once you have decided on you choice of room that suits you best you can make a booking with us by simply callling us on the number to the left.

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Room Type  
Single (S/B) From £50.00
Single En-Suite From £55.00
Double(S/B) From £55.00 
Double En-Suite from £60.00 
Twin(S/B) from £50.00 
Twin En-Suite from £60.00 
Triple Room (3/4 Guests) From £90.00


                             ALL ABOVE BASED ON ROOM ONLY